Portable smoothie blender juicer mixer electric mini usb food processor

Portable smoothie blender juicer mixer electric mini usb food processor

Making natural purees, smoothies and juices at home just got easier with the Smoothie Maker. You will enjoy the unsurpassed taste of your favorite fruits without losing vitamins in a matter of seconds. And you will delight your friends and your loved ones with a great gift.

Smoothie Maker is a high-speed blender for quick preparation of various cocktails from berries, fruits, vegetables, chocolate cocktails, cold desserts (smoothies) in the form of mixed berries or fruits with the addition of ice, juice or milk cubes. You can easily and quickly mix, whip any products.

Miracle mixer (blender) Smoothie Maker is designed for juicing whole fruits and vegetables. The Smoothie Maker has an octagonal container with a secure closure and revolutionary stainless steel blades. Mixing, whipping up any products has become simple and easy thanks to this miracle mixer.

After 6 months, you can add complementary foods for your baby. This portable mixer can make applesauce, banana, vegetable puree, and more to meet your child's additional nutritional needs.

Smoothie recipes.
Smoothies are delicious, healthy drinks that are a mixture of berries, fruits and even vegetables ground in a blender with the addition of milk, yogurt and ice. Smoothies contain many vitamins, are excellent refreshing and can even replace breakfast or lunch in summer.

Banana smoothie.
Banana smoothie has an unusually delicate flavor and a delicate creamy hue. There are quite a few recipes for making banana smoothies, in various variations with other products or fruits. Here is one of these smoothie recipes, for the preparation of which we need the following set of ingredients:

one glass of apple juice
one glass of milk
one frozen banana,
half a cup of frozen strawberries
one glass of strawberry-flavored yogurt.
The process of making a banana smoothie.
The ingredients, which are liquid, must be immersed in the working container of the blender. Then add frozen food to the same place. Beat our mixture for 30 seconds (select the maximum blender power), then slightly reduce the whipping power and continue beating the resulting smoothie at medium speed until you get a homogeneous mass of a delicate creamy shade. You can use the resulting smoothie immediately. The resulting banana smoothie should be enough for 3-5 people.

Green smoothie
Diversify your repertoire! This cocktail is delicious and fresh! Even children will be intrigued. You can experiment with quantities and different salad fruits and get your own version of Green.
For cooking, we need the following set of ingredients:

½ banana,
1 peach,
1 mango,
1 large handful of spinach
½ glass of water.
Cooking method:
Remove the seeds from the peach and mango, peel the banana, and rinse the spinach. Whisk in a Smoothie Maker blender.

Milk smoothie is delicious. They can be sweet or neutral, hearty or light. Milk is a very fertile material, you can work miracles with it. Of course, yogurt, yogurt, katyk and other dairy products fit very well into the smoothie preparation principle. The main thing to remember is that milk can curdle from very acidic ingredients. Use neutral or sweet ingredients.

Vegetable smoothie
For cooking, we need the following ingredients:

small cucumber - 1 pc.
dill - a few branches
parsley - a few branches
salt to taste
Romano salad - 3 leaves
pepper - to taste
bell pepper - 1/4 pcs.
natural yogurt - 125 ml
Tabasco sauce - to taste
small tomato - 1 pc.
Pigmentation method:
Cut the vegetables into pieces and place in a blender. Add greens, yogurt, 3 drops of Tabasco, salt and pepper to taste. Blend all ingredients until smooth.
Serve in a wide glass, garnished with a sprig of herbs.

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