Neck Shoulder Massage Cushion

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  • ✅TRIGGER POINT KNOBS: This 100% foam pad is the easiest cervical traction neck pillow with multi trigger point massager-like therapy to reach neck, back, and shoulder trigger points all at the same time, effortlessly. Just lay on the pad and let gravity provide pressure to your muscles. Tilt the item at different angles, or move your arms for a new position to hit all points.
  • ✅TREATS MULTIPLE CONDITIONS: The deep tissue pressure offers relief in spasms, tight muscles, TMJ, and myofascial release for neck, back and shoulders.
  • ✅COVER MORE MUSCLES IN LESS TIME: Our chiropractic-recommended device has 14 firm knobs to hit various trigger points on your back and neck simultaneously, and comfortably. They are made of hardened foam material to comfortably relax your back and reach a broader area, all by laying still for just 10 minutes per day.
  • ✅USE ANYWHERE: Travel size block to maintain consistent results in your office, home, clinic, or traveling. Similar to a massage, this tool is your masseuse on the go! Please a towel under the soft foam block while on hard floors to not slip. This is not an electronic massager system.
  • Are you not getting satisfactory results from regular back massagers? Do you not have time to see a physical therapist or chiropractor? Our multi trigger point pad will help you relieve your entire back from tight muscles, all at once, by just laying down for a couple minutes per day - let the foam points do the rest for you.

    Use for just 10 minutes before bed to relieve spasms. Simply lay down your neck in a comfortable position, and feel the shoulder pain relief in minutes, along with TMJ and myofascial release.

    Designed for diverse utility to target multiple trigger points at once to treat a broad area of your back and body. Carry the neck pillow with you and use it while traveling, in the office, during yoga and also popular during pregnancy.
    1) Place the pad on a flat surface safe to lay on, with the flat surface on the ground and knobs point up (use a towel under the pad to not slip on hard floor)
    2) Place the top knobs under the suboccipital base of your skull with the shorter end of the pad going down your neck and back
    3)Tilted the pad at different angles to hit different pressure points based on your size and needs
    4) Move your arms at different angles to find the right pressure, using your arms as mild support on the ground if the pressure is too strong. This allows for massage movement as well
    5) Lay for 5-10 minutes per day with alternating angles that best suit your case of pain, and use for less time if pressure is too strong

    Purify Life offers 100% satisfaction guarantee that if you're not completely satisfied with our neck device, you're eligible for a full refund no questions asked.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Neck Shoulder Massage Cushion is for you.

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