Smart Eye Massager .

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Brand Name: KSBELLE
Material: Plastic
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Size: 150*95*170mm
Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
Model Number: eye massager magnetic vibration
Type: eye massager magnetic vibration
Product: Smart Eye Massager
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation for
Size: 150*95*170mm
Apply: For tired eyes,dark circles
Power: 3.7V/950mA
Cycle time: 15 mins
feature: Anti Wrinkles
Massager: eye massage glasses
Function: Dark circles remove

Feel a little stressed and need a little relaxation? Ksbelle eye massager provides the spa sensation at home with different options like: heat, air pressure massage, and music. You can also custom your own music using the Bluetooth. The Wireless Eye Massager with Soothing Sounds uses a combination of intelligent air pressure, point massage and gentle infrared heat to soothe away stress, strain and aches. Just slip it on after a hard day... it rubs, presses, warms and massages your entire ocular region, to rejuvenate tired eyes. It even has built-in speakers to help you relax. The unique 180 degree foldable design gives you a great fit and easy storage. Relieves eye strain, dry eyes, sinus pressure and headaches. Relaxes you mind and helps you sleep better. Improves blood circulation. Massage to help get rid of puffy, tired eyes. It is designed to relax the muscles around the eyes and improve blood circulation. With regular use, this massager may also help reduce puffiness and dark circles. For KE5HB, Temperature & Pressure are controllable For KE3HB, Temperature & Pressure are setting, Non-controllable. Folds into a black travel case

Features: Air Compression Eye Massage Heat compress Built-in Bluetooth Music Foldable Easy to carry and store. Infrared Heat (Low 35C - 38C / High 39C - 42C) Rechargeable Lithium Battery Includes: Ksbelle Eye Massager USB Cable User's Manual Travel case
The Smart Eye Massager . is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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